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Pueraria Extract,Kudzu Root Extract,98% puerarin,Cas:3681-99-0,Puerarin Isoflavones
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Product: Views:186Pueraria Extract,Kudzu Root Extract,98% puerarin,Cas:3681-99-0,Puerarin Isoflavones 
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Apex Biotech Ltd is one of the leading China pueraria extract manufacturers equipped with professional factory, welcome to wholesale cheap puerarin, kakkonein, kudzu root extract, pueraria lobata extract from us.

Brief Introduction 

Pueraria Root has been known for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine as Ge-gen. The first written mention of the plant as a medicine is in the ancient herbal text of Shen Nong (about A.D.100). In traditional Chinese medicine, Pueraria Root is used in prescriptions for the treatment of thirst, headache, and stiff neck with pain due to high blood pressure. It is also recommended for allergies, migraine headaches, inadequate measles eruptions in children, and diarrhea. It is also used in modern Chinese medicine as a treatment for angina pectoris.

Product Name: Powdered Pueraria Root Extract(Pueraria Isoflavone, Puerarin, Daidzein)

Other names:Standardized extract of Pueraria, Standardized Pueraria extract, Pueraria isoflavones,Pueraria Lobota Isoflavones,Kudzu extract,Kudzu benefits,Kudzu supplement,

Appearance: Light Brown Yellow to Off White Fine Powder

Mark Ingredient: Pueraria Isoflavones, Mixture of Puerarin, Daidzin, Daidzein and Genistein etc.

Extract Solvent: Use water and ethanol only

Botanical Source: Pueraria lobata

Used Part: Root

GMO Status: Free

Specification: Pueraria Isoflavones(HPLC/UV)

Puerarin 20%-80% (HPLC) 

Daidzein 80% (HPLC) 

Main benefits of Pueraria Root Extract 

Reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Pueraria Isoflavones can increase cerebral and coronary blood flow. After injected Isoflavones into artery of anesthetized dog, the cerebral blood flow was increased obviously and the vascular resistance was decreased. This situation can maintain 2 to 20 minutes. If it was injected into vein, the cerebral blood flow was increased slightly and could not terminate the effect of cerebrovascular contraction caused by Epinephrine & Norepinephrine, but improved the cerebral circulation of Hypertensive patients with arteriosclerosis.  

Dropping blood pressure

Puerarin can put elevated plasma endothelin (ET) to normal level quickly. So the reason why Puerarin can drop blood pressure is to inhibit ET overdosed releasing, and promote endothelial function recovery. Having large doses Puerarin isoflavone can lower blood sugar and serum cholesterol.

Anti Esophageal cancer

The scientist use modern separation technology to obtain Puerarin isoflavone. And it can improve the active ingredient of NK cells, SOD and P450. Puerarin isoflavone can cease the activity of Esophageal cancer significantly from the intervention study, which made in high incidence of Esophageal cancer. 

Similar medicinal value of Ginseng

Puerarin can improve liver cell regeneration ability, and recover normal liver function. Meanwhile it also can promote bile secretion to anti formation of fatty liver, and promote metabolism to enhance the liver detoxification function, and as a result, prevent alcohol damage on the liver. On the other hand, it has obvious therapeutic effect on learning and memory impairment, using for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), mental retardation and poor memory disorders.

Good performance in Women health 

To enlarge the size and enhance the flexibility of breast. The breast is increased 5cm as the  fastest one. It gets one to three bra bigger for 90% of women after having medicine for continuous 1-3 months. Pueraria Isoflavones can regulate female hormones to relieve discomfort caused by menstruation, and also regulate the female body estrogen levels to alleviate menopausal syndrome, and solve insomnia problem at the same time.

Application of Billberry Extract 
1.Pharmaceutical ingredients
2.Functional food as capsules or pills
3.Healthy products

Packing: By 25kgs/drum, inner by double plastic bag.
Storage: Stored in a cool & dry well-closed container, keep away from moisture and strong light/heat.
Shelf life: Two years under well storage situation.